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About us
‘’ is the world’s most popular online news website. Done well, and multiply all the news website published news that is presented here is just the website itself. In this website along with Bengal online news websites, online Bengali magazine websites; Indian online news websites, as well as the popular online news sites of various countries, are enlisted. It has been done by considering the public demand. Along with different Bangladesh and world’s contemporary issues based online news, games; technology; current society; entertainment and health regarding many articles are published in All Bangla Newspaper’s blog page.

History: t started its journey on first January 2019. At first, first it had started with 20 news sites of Bangladesh and Calcutta and a few visitors but within a few days hundred thousands of people became its daily visitors.

Bengali speaking people are scattered across the world. The main purpose of its establishment is to give them the latest update of news at any moment. is skilled in this work and it is proved by its popularity.

In addition to updating its home page regularly, is very much active in popular social websites. Constantly sharing news headlines on Facebook pages, uploading 5-6 Bengali TV news and 2-3 Bengali talk shows on YouTube, sharing news and videos in Google Plus are its main activities. Besides these, its activities on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are also Digg.

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